Monday Morning Club

What is this website?

This website is going to be used as a personal tool to avoid procrastination. Even though it's just a simple HTML & CSS site, it was built from the ground up and supposedly responsive, so it's a nice first step. My goals are the following:

You can read a little bit more about me here.

Latest updates

26/01/2023 - Reworked the footer a little bit 25/01/2023 - Bits of Unsolicited Advice (Personal) 24/01/2023 - New color palette! 24/01/2023 - Lessons Learned From Berserk (Media) 08/09/2022 - Reworked Books section with Grid and added code syntax highlight 28/08/2022 - August Summary (Personal) 17/08/2022 - Little good RPG Maker games 04/07/2022 - Added a full section for Books 28/06/2022 - New fonts, color scheme and added a guestbook 27/06/2022 - Smash Tennis (Games) 26/06/2022 - June Web Updates (Web) 23/06/2022 - Gunple Gunman's Proof (Games) 22/06/2022 - Loop Habit Tracker (App) 22/06/2022 - Website finally online